We're a small remote team of 30 individuals spread across 8 time zones, who have one collective mission:
help everyone who wants to – learn data science.

Online education has a chance to level the playing field and help millions of people who don’t have access to traditional education gain skills and get ahead. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen (read why.)

We want to offer something different; something that can open up opportunities. As a result, we take our values seriously:

  • A self-reliant business. This means that our revenue comes from teaching, not from investors. Our incentives are always aligned with students.
  • Affordable learning. We’ve tried to make our price points ($29 a month or $49 a month) as affordable to a wide audience as possible, and we have upcoming programs that will improve this even further.
  • A commitment to hiring our students. One third of our team is former Dataquest students, and we love to work with the people who understand the needs of aspiring data scientists most strongly.
  • A fully remote company. We teach all over the world, and we want our team to reflect that diversity.
  • A diverse team. The attitudes of a team are often reflected in the products they build together, and diversity on a team at an online education company means that the product becomes more inclusive and diverse over time as well. Without team diversity, the products quickly become exclusive, and are no longer about closing the opportunity gap.

Inclusion is one of the major promises of online education, and we hope Dataquest can help move the industry in that direction. There are millions of people worldwide who are capable of amazing things, but face barriers that feel insurmountable. Education done right is a powerful way to level the playing field.

If you share our vision we hope you will connect with us, learn with us, or maybe even join our team. 

The Dataquest Team


Josh Devlin
Senior Data Scientist


Sahil Sunny
Student Success Specialist (Technical)


Mary Condit
Director of Student Success


Aaron Merlob
Director of Data Science


Bruno Cunha
Data Scientist


Julie Chipko
Python Team Lead


Erika Lopez Smith
Team Operations Manager

  Camisha Colquhoun   Client Service Lead

Karol B.
Senior Product Engineer


Celeste Grupman
Director of Operations

Rebecca McCracken

Loryn Cole
Product Marketer


Wes John-Alder
Director of Engineering

Joseph Edelsack
Business Development Manager


Vik Paruchuri
Founder & CEO

Charlie Custer
Content Marketing Manager


Sabrina Baez
Talent Program Manager

Darla Shockley
Infrastructure Technical Lead


Ash Kestrel
Backend Engineer


Meghan Cassidy
Data Scientist


Mikael Karlsson
Growth Marketing Manager


Rose Martin, PhD
Director of Content


Alex Olteanu
Data Scientist


François Aubry, PhD
Data Scientist


Casey Bates
Data Scientist


John Aoga, PhD
Data Scientist

Lilian Gorriz
People Operations

Adrienne Hunter Wong
Senior Product Designer

Nityesh Agarwal
Community Manager

        Anna Pershyna           Senior Product Engineer

Current Openings

Work from anywhere!
• Minimum availability of  3 hours a day from 8am – 5pm CT.
Flexible PTO
Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
(US Only)
(US Only)
Competitive salary
2x Annual Company Offsites
A diverse and inclusive work environment
Opportunities for Growth