Enable Your School or University with the Dataquest Academic plan

There are many online resources that claim to help teach programming and data skills. 

But finding one that offers high-quality instruction that can be integrated into your academic curriculum? That can be an intimidating challenge. 

Dataquest is already helping academic institutions across the globe to solve that problem. 

On Dataquest, students master everything from beginner programming to advanced data visualization and machine learning by getting hands-on and writing real code to solve real-world data problems. 

Our university partners apply Dataquest across a broad spectrum of use cases. For some, Dataquest is a helpful supplement to existing programming and data science courses. For others, it’s a full-on course replacement covering subjects like Data Science, Data Analytics, Python programming, R programming, and SQL.

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Dataquest enables students at schools, universities, and bootcamps across the globe:
dataquest has programs at the university of chicago, redi school, and more

Our unique pedagogical approach:

If you’ve experimented with other online platforms for learning programming and data skills, try Dataquest and you’ll quickly see what makes us different:

  • All learning is hands-on. On our platform, all course material is presented side-by-side with challenges that ask students to apply what they’re learning by writing real code. Then they can run their code and get near-instant feedback, right in their browser. 
  • Reading, not videos. We’ve found that having to sit through videos prevents students from quickly applying what they’re learning, and makes reviewing lessons difficult. Reading about code is also a critical skill to develop, since the real-world documentation programmers rely on is written.
  • Project-based learning. At the end of each course, students are challenged to synthesize what they’ve learned in guided projects that bring together all of their new skills to solve real-world data problems.
Southern Virginia University campus

Photo: Southern Virginia University

“I liked that Dataquest provided instant feedback to students in a scalable way.”

- John Chapman, Southern Virginia University

Learn more about what makes Dataquest's teaching different.

Integrating Dataquest into your courses:

Dataquest’s platform is built to meet your students where they are. We have developed a suite of entry points to serve students with limited or no prior experience with programming.

We also have more advanced starting points for students that already have some experience with the data skills and programming languages we teach.

Considerations for integrating Dataquest into courses:

  • If your students are beginners, Dataquest’s introductory content provides a well-tested growth path for students. Our learners typically report feeling that they have a solid starting point from which to grow after completing the first three courses in any of our learning paths.
  • Our courses are arranged in a thoughtful sequence, with each course building off of what was learned in the previous one. Most instructors report that this continuity of concepts is difficult to find on other services, and it makes integrating Dataquest into a curriculum easy, because there are no “gaps” students have to fill between courses.
  • The course sequences, while helpful, are not mandatory — instructors can choose to have students complete courses in any sequence, or skip courses in our sequence that students have covered in their previous coursework.
  • Dataquest’s guided projects test and develop a student’s critical thinking skills. These projects challenge students to synthesize and apply the knowledge they have gained, and think creatively about new ways to use their new skills. 

Managing your class

Dataquest provides simple administrative tools to track student progress through our content.

Getting started

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the answers to even more frequently-asked questions, see the Academic FAQ article in our knowledgebase.

Will my students need any special hardware or software to access the course work?

No. The Dataquest academic platform is cloud-based, and can be accessed from any computer and web browser. We do not require any special hardware or software configuration in order to use the academic platform.

Can we use the Academic plan behind a firewall?

Yes, the Dataquest platform works behind most institutional firewalls.

Are completion certificates offered for students?

Yes, your students will receive a certificate for each course they complete.

Can I try the Academic plan without signing up?

Yes! You can sign up for a free individual account and try out our courses at any time.

How will I know which courses match my curriculum?

Completing the application for the scholarship helps us to better understand your needs. Based on your responses in the application, we'll suggest which parts of our content best match your curriculum.

What is the minimum number of students needed for an Academic plan?

A minimum of five (5) students is required for a Dataquest Academic Plan. However, if you have fewer than five students, please reach out to us so we can discuss alternative plan options.

How long will implementation take?

The Dataquest Academic platform does not require any special tools or setup. A member of the support team will be assigned as a point of contact to assist in implementation. Our goal is to get the Academic platform implemented as swiftly and efficiently as possible, so your students can get started right away!

When will my class receive access?

Applications are reviewed and approved 7 business days after being received. Applications will be reviewed and approved starting September 10, 2020 until October 8, 2020. If you're approved for the scholarship, you'll receive access to the scholarship 7 business days after you've completed your application.

How long will the scholarship last?

The free scholarship will last until the end of your fall semester.

For the answers to even more frequently-asked questions, see the Academic FAQ article in our knowledgebase.

Free fall semester access!

Applications closed for now.

Looking to level up your team? Check out Dataquest for Business.