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Dataquest's data science learning platform — learn a new concept on the left side of the screen, then apply it using real code on the right!

Learn by watching videos coding!

Most people learn best by doing, yet many data science courses only ask you to memorize information, never to apply it. We took a different approach:

step 1: learn with interactive lessons

In guided projects, you'll use the concepts you just learned to answer real-world questions on real datasets.

step 3: learn, apply, and repeat - that's the way you build lifelong skills!

In our interactive lessons, you'll learn a new concept, write code to apply it, and get feedback all on the same screen.

step 2: apply what you've learned with guided projects

In a typical Dataquest session, you won't go more than five minutes without writing code!

Sound fun? That's because it is!

Priya used Dataquest to learn new data skills

"I loved that Dataquest gave me a chance to apply everything I'm learning as I learn it, and then practice it again by building projects." — Priya

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When you work through a Dataquest mission, you don't just learn a list of commands...

Our learning sequence: learn - apply - build projects

We teach you the foundational concepts behind the commands.

Then we help you apply them to interesting, real-world data science problems.

Before you know it, you'll be cleaning, exploring and visualizing real datasets on your own.

"Dataquest doesn't just teach you how to use algorithms, it teaches you how the algorithms actually work." — Prerit

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Prerit used Dataquest to get a better understanding of what his code was doing

High-quality, expert-crafted curriculum

We produce all our own content, which means you can expect a consistent style and quality throughout.

Each course is carefully designed so concepts build on each other. We'll never ask you to apply a concept we haven't taught.

We continually optimize and improve to ensure our courses are effective and up-to-date.

Dong liked Dataquest's gapless career paths, where no prereqs or outside skills are needed

"Before Dataquest, I was wasting time by learning the wrong things. Dataquest pointed me to the right track." — Dong

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"I knew nothing before I started Dataquest. It was my big intro into this complex work. Dataquest changed my career." — Kyle

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Kyle used Dataquest to learn data science and kickstart an exciting new career

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the Dataquest dashboard, where you see your current progress

How Dataquest Works

Our entire learning experience runs in your browser — no installation necessary. Our introductory courses will teach you the fundamentals from scratch.

There are no deadlines, so you can learn data science at your own pace. And the best part? No videos.  Just a clear path to learning.

"You get small lessons, the practice, and the skills right away on the platform. It's so convenient." — Huyen

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Huyen used Dataquest to incrementally add to her data skills and go from total beginner to experienced pro
learn data science in our interactive platform

Our Learning Platform

On Dataquest, you'll spend most of your time learning through our in-browser, interactive screens.

Typically, a screen presents a new concept on the left side, and challenges you to apply that concept by writing code on the right.

Before moving to the next screen, you submit your answer and get immediate feedback on the code you just wrote.

The Dataquest Community

All Dataquest students have access to our student community. Here, our trained moderators, content authors, and other students are ready to help you learn data science! This community is your go-to resource if you get stuck on a mission, encounter a platform issue, need advice, or want feedback on a project.

The Dataquest community offers help and guidance for technical issues and career questions
Wes used Dataquest to learn everything he needed for a data science job

"Dataquest gave me a curriculum that covered everything I needed to learn, and a well-crafted route to get there."   — Wes

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Your success is our top priority

We've seen firsthand that data literacy has the power to change careers, communities, and lives.

That's why we're committed to building an effective teaching platform, increasing access to diverse communities, and conducting a responsible business.

Meet our team

Dataquest has a dedicated success team whose goal is to make sure YOU meet your learning goals.